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Hey there, fellow WordPress users!

Are you tracking your referral links?  Have you ever noticed one that seems fishy or suspicious at all?

Be on the lookout for fake referral links! Some companies will try to be crafty with their tactics to get new customers and send fake referral traffic. Seriously. It’s a thing. They will use these links to catch your interest and when you head to their website via that link they will capture your information and then bombard you with persuasiveness until you become their customer.

We have seen it happen with our clients and caught it today on our own blog.  So, just because we care we are sharing the following simple steps of how to block spam referral links for your WordPress website:

1. Visit https://wordpress.com/stats
2. If you’re not already logged into your account login now
3. Navigate to the “referrers” section (mid-page)
4. Hover over the referral link in question
5. Click “Spam


Your site is now blocking that spammy referrer!

Have a referral link that looks suspicious or lost about what exactly this whole post is about in general? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Blocking Spam Referral Links (WordPress)