Kaycee J. McCoy

Digital Marketing & Branding Expert

Hi, I’m Kaycee McCoy, a digital marketing & branding expert based in Norfolk, Virginia.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs through my veins.  My parents were successful small business owners, but they ran blue collar companies like crude oil drilling and rock hauling.  Growing up in that environment gave me a unique perspective on life; the moral of the story is that entrepreneurship was the norm and I’ve had a penchant for small business my entire life.  At the ripe age of 5 years old I was happily answering the business phone and talking on the CB Radio to our truck drivers.  And while most kids were babysitting or running lemonade stands in middle school, I was carefully crafting greeting cards and creating bracelet companies.  Small business life is a part of my DNA: it’s who I am.

There is no greater privilege in my professional life than to team up with aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners of all kinds to make their business ventures come to life through captivating marketing services and campaigns.