daisy blue naturals: product photography + social media management + Consultations

Daisy Blue Naturals


Daisy Blue is a woman-owned, single-mother owned, all-natural health and skincare product line founded by Jena Thompson. Daisy Blue produces a wide range of holistic products that are produced in small batches and are always vegan, cruelty free, and void of any parabens, sulfates, gluten, or casein.

Our work with Daisy Blue began through their Southeast Territory Regional Manager and owner of Camellia Blue, Sharon Delphos, when she attended all but one of C/C founder and CEO Kaycee McCoy’s workshops in 2019. Sharon took full advantage of the “50% off a one-hour consultation” coupons that Kaycee always provided to attendees, meeting with Kaycee several times and quickly turning around and implementing everything she learned. Eventually, our work branched out to Jena and the larger Daisy Blue company as a whole, and we have absolutely loved working with these ladies.

Though Daisy Blue initially came to us for social media help, what we’ve ended up providing is so much more. We do all of their product photography and full social media planning and writing on a consistent basis, plus we’ve done assorted side projects for one-off needs as they’ve arisen. Recently we had the joy of finally meeting Jena in person (they’re based out of Minnesota) at their Daisy Fest event, where we took all of the event photos and got to visit the lab and see how everything is made. It was an amazing experience!

Daisy Blue is also one of our COVID success stories. When everything came to a screeching halt in early 2020, Daisy Blue was able to pivot and start producing hand sanitizer. Since their more direct marketing had to take a backseat for a while, we also helped them take their social to the next level by amplifying their voices via Daisy Lives and Instagram Stories.

Clients like Daisy Blue are some of our favorites because they are ever-evolving. When you enter a long-term relationship like this, both sides get to grow together. Starting later this year we will be working on blog writing and email automation so their business can continue to grow in new ways. We are so fortunate to have found this partnership, and we look forward to our connection lasting for many more years to come!

daisy blue naturals: product photography + social media management + Consultations