imara: branding + logo design



Imara is a brand created by Mary Njuguna to help differentiate her and her team from their (much) larger Rodan+Fields family. Mary has been a wonderfully successful R+F consultant for many years and has grown a very sizable team. She knew she had to stay within the bounds of what R+F permits, so she came to us for help finding a personal brand that would blend with and complement the R+F brand.

Sometimes clients have a very specific goal for their brand, and Mary was one such case. She knew right from the gate that she wanted something deeply significant to her. We talked a lot about her life and she brought personal things to the forefront that we might be able to use. Ultimately it was her husband’s African heritage, Mary’s personal connections to Japan, and one very important tree that led to her brand’s design.

We provided full branding for Imara. Our designers worked with Mary to choose elements that, in their own ways, evoke strength and resilience while also bearing a clean, feminine vibe. The color palette is subdued but beautiful, and stands out in its own subtle way while still being extremely cohesive with the R+F brand. We hope Mary and her team are able to use this brand to set themselves apart and propel their businesses forward!

imara: branding + logo design