reboot strategy: branding + logo design

Reboot Strategy


Reboot Strategy is part of a franchised coaching and consulting company. Owner Mandy Snell came to us because she wanted a way to make her franchise stand apart and become more her style. She needed a way to simultaneously capture what she uniquely offers as a value proposition—who she is and how she operates—while still blending into the franchise.

We worked with Mandy on a full brand identity project, right down to naming the business. We started with a series of questions, such as, “What are your core values? What’s the mission behind this? What does this business mean to you?” We also did word association and used all of those components to build a brand that was truly representative of Mandy and everything she wanted to say.

Reboot Strategy was such a fun project to work on because getting to help a business choose a name is a huge deal, and it’s a massive compliment to be a part of that process. Once we had the name down, we were able to build an entire brand around it, complete with color palette, font, style—the works. We are so proud of Mandy and everything she’s accomplishing, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to set her apart from the crowd!

reboot strategy: branding + logo design