Brand Identity

A Strong Brand

A brand is so much more than just a logo, color palette or typography; it’s the emotions evoked and how your audience feels about doing business with you.

What message is your brand identity stating to the world?

Is your organization….

  • Professional?
  • Articulate?
  • Helpful?

Or  is your business seen as…

  • Amateur?
  • Uneducated?
  • Trivial?

A strong brand identity means you connecting with the right audience, in the right place, with the right message.

Don’t waste your precious resources, time and energy with an forgettable brand!   Let your brand speak for itself.

Brand Audit Services

A brand audit is an analytical service that dissects your entire brand from your business name down to the overall style, messaging and colors you use.  If you’re not sure that your branding is cohesive or think it may be attracting the wrong type of customer, you may be a great candidate for our Brand Audit service.

Business Name & Logo

Overall Style

What elements do we analyze in a brand audit?

Colors & Typography


Signature Graphics

Messaging & Tone