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A few of our recent logo designs...

For many start up and small business owners, especially those that are not creative types, coming up with a logo for their company is an incredibly daunting task.  How do you choose the shapes, colors, font types and overall aesthetic to make your logo memorable and captivating?

The Create/Captivate Team uses a process that walks clients through a series of questions designed to answer all of these important questions.  Core values play an immense part in this process and steer our designers in the right direction.  We’ll ask the right questions and not just design something pretty, but solve your problem of needing visual representation of your brand/company.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”
Paul Rand

Browse a few of our recent logo design projects...

Logo design is a meticulously plotted and planned, strategic process that requires attention to detail, creativity and problem solving skills.  The C/C Team is brimming with talent and ready to design a logo that propels your business forward.