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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Establishing your small business on social media is a no-brainer.  But where most small businesses struggle is understanding how to use social media to connect with their audience.  That’s where having the C/C Team on your side comes in handy!   Create/Captivate was started with one client who hired Kaycee to set up and establish a social media presence for his real estate business, so social media marketing is definitely our jam.

Curating content that strikes a conversation and captivates your target audience all relies upon a strong strategy.  Does your business have a documented social media marketing strategy?  If not, you’re in good company.  Only 30% of business owners have a documented strategy in place.  So, why should you join in that 30%?  Because those who do document a strategy are 538% more likely to report success.  There’s simply some magic in writing things down!

Is your business on the right social media networks?
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Whether you need help optimizing your social media business profiles or you want to enlist help from a team of creatives who can curate the content you need, the C/C Team’s got you covered when it comes to all things social.