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Blogging for business has been a part of my repertoire since circa 2010, but it’s very rarely been for my own business. In the past I might find a little down time in my schedule, hack out a few posts and the next thing I know six months have blown by and there’s no new posts. It’s the #solopreneurstruggle, right?!

How can a digital marketing company preach and not participate? How hypocritical is it of me to be a digital marketing expert that throws down advice, tips and tricks about content marketing but have no content marketing plan for my own business?

Small business owners if you feel me on this, you’re probably thinking, “I get it. This stuff is time consuming.” And if you are, thank you for understanding. When you go into business before you even have a business idea or plan written down, these kinds of very important, but time consuming activities can be incredibly challenging.

Over the past several years my motto has been, “I’d rather help a client with their marketing than spin my wheels on my own.” That’s because 100% of my business came from referrals for the first 5+ years and now that I’m pushing the boundaries and ready to grow, that’s not the case anymore. Now it’s my priority to get my own marketing game in tip-top shape!

Honestly, I’m loving it! Delegating work to the C/C Creatives and allowing myself time to work on business development and my own marketing is an utterly thrilling experience and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I wish I would have taken this path a long, long time ago.

However, there’s no DeLorean in my vicinity to do some time traveling, so here I am.

Six-ish years of freelancing and one-ish year of what I consider to be real, business ownership under my belt and I’m finally ready to the damn thing! I’ll share my best tips, tricks, advice and how to’s on this blog as well as my personal entrepreneurial stories of grit, determination, frustration and success. If you have any topics you’d like to see covered, any questions I can help answer or anything at all to contribute in a positive way (trolls and haters, be gone!) then hit me up at your convenience and let me know how I can help.

My most sincere hope is that each post I publish helps at least one other person, somewhere…somehow. Writing is my absolute most favorite past time and I hope that my wholehearted love for the written word shines through in each and every carefully crafted piece.


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