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MCKCOACH: BRANDING + LOGO DESIGN, website design, website MAINTENANCE + updates



MCKcoach is an business coaching + consulting LLC founded by Mike Kennedy. As a 44-year veteran in retail operation and a certified business coach, Mike brings a new perspective and a friendly voice into your business world. He works together with clients to discuss your challenges and figure them out—emphasis on together.

Mike came to us by way of a connection we share at Retail Alliance. He was gearing up to retire from a long career and dive into a field he learned a lot about along the way and wanted to share his passion for—business coaching, consulting, and event planning. He had a business name, MCKcoach, but wasn’t sure where to start as far as branding, a website, or promoting himself.

When a client has a brand new business, there’s a triad of services we strongly recommend (regardless of whether you do them all with our team or not):

Step 1: Branding + Logo Design
Step 2: Website
Step 3: Social Media

For Mike’s branding and logo design, we wanted something professional and focused, yet modern and interesting. We used color psychology to select a palette that invoked trust, dependability, and strength while retaining loads of friendliness, comfort, and warmth. His website design played off of that, leaning into the modern feel and adding custom blog header designs to bring his insightful commentary to life.

Today MCKcoach is an ongoing website maintenance client, and we also perform a la carte website updates as needed. Mike is an amazing human filled with compassion and knowledge, and we look forward to watching him help numerous business owners pivot, grow, and flourish.

mckcoach: branding + logo design, website design, website MAINTENANCE + updates