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branding + logo design

A brand is a voice—it has personality, purpose, emotions. It evokes a specific response, and it’s what allows you to consistently attract clients that are the right fit for you. If you’re branding for the first time or you feel like it’s time to revamp and re-brand, our Creatives will help you capture the perfect representation of your company.

the process

Here at Create/Captivate we use a branding process that walks clients through a series of questions designed to highlight key aspects of your company. Core values play a huge part in this process and steer our designers in the right direction. We’ll ask the right questions and not just design something beautiful, but also solve your problem of needing visual representation of your brand/company.

Already have a logo but not sure if it’s the right fit? Start with a Brand Audit!

logo design

Logo design is an important part of branding, because if your logo clashes with your brand identity it could be confusing for potential clients. When you work with our Creatives, you’ll experience a meticulous, strategic process that our logo experts are nothing short of fabulous at. Let us help you create the perfect logo so you can proudly and confidently propel your business forward!

what you get

When C/C brands your business, at the bare minimum you’ll walk away with a clear brand identity, not just a logo. All clients receive a brand identity one-sheet that includes font colors, color palette, logo variations, rules of using those variations, and a favicon. At the enterprise package level, we can go so far as to help you name your business, as well as tackle everything else provided at the lower levels, and we’ll provide a full presentation at the end so you understand with crystal clarity what your brand is and how to use it in every possible way.

See what our clients are saying!
Joshua E.

This stand-up team created a website and a logo redesign for an organization I’m a part of, and we were thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, thoroughness, and creativity. They exceeded my expectations and delivered the final product two weeks earlier than promised, at the most reasonable of price points. Thank you Kaycee and Cara for knocking this project out of the park! Don’t go anywhere else!

Yvonne C.

Kaycee and Cara were both easy and amazing to work with! Cara worked on logo design and branding for my business and was able to create something that represents me that I absolutely love! She took the time to understand my vision even when I wasn’t quite sure. 10/10 recommend!