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We love to ask potential clients about your ideal marketing relationships, ideal goals, ideal deliverables, ideal EVERYTHINGS so that we can have a crystal clear understanding of where you’re at currently and where you want to go. In chatting about this internally one day, we realized our clients might wonder if we have ideals as well, and, well, YES! We sure do. It is not essential that you check every one of these boxes in order to work with our killer cohort, but in a fairytale marketing world, all of our clients would look something like this (cue dream sequence music)…

You know your goals

You have a vision for the direction of your marketing

You are responsive to emails

You’re ready to learn about best practices and implement them in your business

You’re a great communicator and don’t hesitate to tell us what you love AND what you don’t

You’re ready to trust a marketing studio with your vision

You’re pretty darn wonderful overall!

Ready to get started?