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Ready to take your social media from blah to bold?

Is your small business or nonprofit feeling overwhelmed by social media marketing? Our Social Blueprint Workshop is here to help! This workshop focuses on the incredible benefits of documenting a social media strategy, providing clarity and direction to make a positive impact on your business’s bottom line. This isn’t just another social media tutorial; it’s your gateway to mastering a media presence that pops!

What You’ll Gain:

  • Clarity and Direction: Learn how to document your social media strategy, setting clear standards, guidelines, and rules to ensure consistent, impactful content.
  • Pain Point Alleviation: Tackle the common challenges faced by small teams, streamlining your social media efforts for maximum efficiency and results.
  • Proprietary Workbook: Enhance your experience with our nearly 100-page workbook, available as a physical copy or interactive PDF. This comprehensive guide walks you through our proven process, helping you create content that resonates with your audience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Voice & Tone Mastery: Make your brand shine with every post.
  • Content Creation: Craft posts that engage and convert.
  • Strategic Posting: Nail the perfect timing for max impact.
  • Persona Mapping: Speak directly to your dream audience.
  • Competitive Insights: Learn from others and stand out.
  • Analytics: Track what’s working and why.

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Meet Your Workshop Leaders

Brooke LeCount, Social Media Architect at Create/Captivate Digital Marketing

Brooke LeCount, Social Media Architect

Armed with a Bachelors in Business Administration focused on Marketing from Christopher Newport University, Brooke is not just an academic achiever but a real-world entrepreneur. As the Founder of The Dogwood Pup Boutique and the Social Media Architect at Create/Captivate, she excels in creating engaging social media content and connecting with digital audiences. Her skills are backed by certifications in Social Media and Content Marketing from HubSpot Academy, ensuring she’s at the cutting edge of marketing strategies.

“Social media is more than a platform; it’s a stage for stories. Let me show you how to craft content that not only speaks but sings to your audience.”

Kaycee J. McCoy, Founder & CEO

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Business/Technology, Kaycee brings nearly two decades of digital marketing prowess and entrepreneurial spirit to the “Like a Pro” workshop + e-course series at Create/Captivate. From her childhood days mingling in her family’s diverse businesses to spearheading her own ventures, Kaycee’s journey is a testament to living and breathing entrepreneurship and marketing. She’s the brain behind a thriving marketing and graphic design studio and a holistic pet supply boutique, blending passion with business savvy.

“I’ve lived the small business life from the very start. Here at ‘Create/Captivate,’ we’re all about turning your ‘what if’ into ‘heck yes’ with real, raw marketing magic that’s as fun as it is effective!”

Kaycee J. McCoy, Founder & CEO of Create/Captivate Digital Marketing and Co-Owner of Pawsnickety Pets LLC

Like a Pro Workshop & E-Course FAQs

What types of courses does the 'Like a Pro' series offer?

We offer a range of workshops and e-courses focusing on digital marketing and graphic design, tailored for DIYers and small teams.

How long are the workshops and what is their format?

Each workshop varies in length. They span anywhere from an hour to several weeks with sessions held once or twice a month. Formats include live instruction, interactive sessions, and practical assignments.

Do I need any specific tools or software to participate?

Basic tools like a computer and internet access are necessary. Specific software requirements, if any, will be listed in the course description.

Can I access the course materials after the workshop ends?

Yes, participants will have access to all course materials for a specified period post-completion to review and apply the learned concepts.

Is there a certificate of completion offered?

Yes, we provide certificates to participants who successfully complete a course and meet all the assessment criteria.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

We offer a full refund for cancellations made a week or more of the course start date. Details are outlined in the enrollment agreement.

How can I apply what I learn to my business?

Each course is designed with practical, actionable steps that you can directly implement in your business strategy for immediate results.