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Meet the powerhouse Creatives behind Create/Captivate

Over the years, Create/Captivate has grown from a one-woman show to a small but mighty team of wildly talented Creatives (check out our origin story for more on that). These lovely humans each wear many, many hats, which is how we’re able to provide expert-level, high-touch, customer-centric digital marketing services to every single client.

It’s incredibly rare that you’ll work with just one of us at any given time. Graphics blend with copywriting, photography blends with websites, videography blends with social media, and so on and so on. Some of our hats are also administrative, and even though much of that is invisible to the client eye, it’s just as crucial to our process as any deliverable we could ever, well…deliver. It’s undoubtedly a “teamwork makes the dream work” kinda vibe around here!

Click through to learn a little more about each of our rockstar Creatives. We are extremely fortunate to know each other, and we look forward to knowing you, too!

Create Captivate Spring 2022
Kaycee J. McCoy
Founder & CEO
Mishelle square
Mishelle Cordon
Graphic Designer
Cara new square
Cara McCann
Web Design/Client Success
Create/Captivate September 2021
Megan Paulson
Captain of Multitasking
Create Captivate Spring 2022
Diane C. Lason
Brooke square
Brooke LeCount
Social Media Architect
Mary square
Mary Holtslander
Junior Marketing Associate
Allyson Fyfe
Motion Graphics Artist