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Welcome to Oh, Frac!, where businesses unlock the potential of fractional expertise. Led by two dynamic leaders at Create/Captivate, Kaycee J. McCoy and Cara McCann, our mission is to empower businesses with strategic marketing and client success solutions that drive growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Kaycee’s prowess in marketing combined with Cara’s expertise in client relationship management offers businesses a unique, well-rounded solution.

Whether you’re a start-up seeking guidance, a small business in need of a marketing boost, or a company looking to enhance client relationships, Oh, Frac! provides the expertise you need in a way that fits your unique circumstances.

Meet the game-changers of Oh, Frac!

Kaycee J. McCoy

Fractional CMO

Kaycee J. McCoy, our founder and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), is a seasoned marketing professional with an impressive 15 years of experience. As a Fractional CMO, she steps in to fill the strategic marketing gap in your organization, offering a breadth of knowledge that includes setting business objectives, conducting a competitor analysis, defining a target audience, documenting a marketing strategy, and analyzing data/metrics.

Cara McCann

Fractional CSM

Cara McCann, our Fractional Client Success Manager (CSM), is a powerhouse in customer relationship management. With her keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the customer journey, Cara works with businesses to observe, research, and redesign their customer experience. Her goal is to enhance client retention and drive business growth, providing a comprehensive, tailored strategy for each business she works with.


Hiring a Fractional CMO or CSM offers businesses specialized expertise without the full-time commitment. It’s a cost-effective solution that provides access to top-tier marketing and client relationship knowledge, tailored to fit unique business needs. For companies not yet ready for a full-time CMO or CSM, or those needing to bridge a gap, fractional professionals deliver strategic insights and actionable plans, all while offering flexibility that respects budgetary considerations. In essence, you gain the benefits of seasoned professionals fine-tuning your marketing and client success endeavors, but only pay for what you need.

The Oh, Frac! Six-Month Strategy Blueprint

At Oh, Frac!, our method is more than just a consultation; it’s a transformation. With our unique six-month strategic blueprint, we’re committed to rejuvenating both your marketing and client success practices.
Month 1: Immersion & Insight

Our journey begins with Kaycee and Cara stepping right into the heart of your operations. Over a 2-3 day span, we don’t just sit and observe; we engage, inquire, and immerse ourselves into the pulse of your business. This deep dive gives us an unparalleled understanding of your present practices, allowing us to craft a strategy that’s not just effective, but tailor-fitted to your unique ecosystem.

Months 2-3: Strategy in Action

Armed with insights, we unveil a bespoke strategy tailored to align with your goals. But we don’t just hand it over and hope for the best. We roll up our sleeves and stand by you, ensuring that the implementation is smooth, effective, and in tune with your business’s rhythm. Our hands-on approach during these crucial months ensures that every change, no matter how minute, aligns with the overarching vision.

Months 4-6: Mastery & Momentum

As the strategy gains traction, our role evolves. We transition from guides to observers, consistently monitoring and providing feedback. This period isn’t just about letting the strategy run its course, but about empowering your team to take the reins, ensuring they’re confident and capable of propelling the strategy forward.

Dive in with us, and witness a holistic transformation that’s grounded in deep understanding, guided by expertise, and driven by results. Ready to elevate your business? Let’s redefine success, together.

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