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Hi, I’m Kaycee McCoy,  Founder & CEO | dual Entrepreneur, Strategic Leader, and Public Speaker
Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Business/Technology from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas.
Nearly two decades of digital marketing experience, a decade of entrepreneurship, business ownership, workshops + group trainings, and speaking engagement experience, and a lifetime of honing a sparkling and captivating energy for everything I do.

I’ve pretty much been in the entrepreneurship game since I could walk thanks to the entrepreneurial household I grew up in. Picture this: a 5-year-old me, chatting away on the business phone and the CB radio with the truck drivers who worked for my parents, while other kids my age were still getting the hang of walkie-talkies. Yep, my playground was my parents’ businesses, from the tough world of crude oil drilling to the dusty world of rock hauling and everything in between.

Growing up, entrepreneurship wasn’t just encouraged; it was the norm. While my peers were figuring out the best lemonade recipes or the going rate for babysitting, I was crafting greeting cards and launching my own little bracelet-making business. It’s safe to say, small business life isn’t just something I do; it’s etched into who I am.

Fast forward (just a few decades) to the present day, and I’ve got the *BEST* gig as the brains behind a marketing & graphic design studio, where I get to help fellow entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small biz owners bring their visions to life. Think of me and my team as your go-to for turning those “what if” dreams into “heck yes” realities with some kickass marketing magic.

As if that weren’t enough, I’ve also plunged my toes into co-owning a click-and-mortar holistic pet supply boutique. It’s a whole new adventure where I get to merge my love for entrepreneurship with my passion for pets and their well-being. We opened in December 2020 despite the worldwide pandemic resulting in businesses around us shutting down left & right and haven’t regretted that decision once. Several years later, we’ve grown an incredible team and touched tens of thousands of pet owners’ lives.

So, whether I’m crafting campaigns that capture hearts and minds or curating the best for our furry friends, I’m all about keeping it real, creative, and, above all, fun.

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I facilitate workshops throughout Hampton Roads! Check me out via Retail Alliance Foundation’s CROPs Social Media Marketing Class.

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