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Policy Out Loud


Policy Out Loud is a podcast by Taylor Patrice. On the show, Taylor talks about how to put people before politics, all while simultaneously incorporating the good, the bad, and the downright absurd parts of life. She believes that policy conversation is much stronger when we don’t eliminate the human element, so the podcast keeps it real by talking about how real life is connected to the policies that shape the systems within which we live.

Taylor Patrice was an existing client of ours for her self-named lifestyle blog (you can view that project here). She started diving into policy around the world and found so much passion in herself and a reaction from listeners that she decided to back-burner the old blog while she pursued her new venture, Policy Out Loud.

For Policy Out Loud’s branding, we wanted something bold and strong, but also educational and relatable. We provided several color options in the palette and chose yellow as the primary because it’s neutral—with a policy blog and podcast where listeners and readers are inclined to look for political affiliation, we trusted that yellow would declare it neutral territory.

Once branding was complete, we provided a website refresh and graphic design of a business card. Since we already had a strong website in place from when we designed the Taylor Patrice blog,  we were able to perform a simpler service that involved updating all logos, colors, and fonts, and some minor design updates that changed the entire feel of the site from lifestyle to impactful policy discussions. For the business card, we modernized (and simplified) it with a QR code so Taylor could have a larger amount of information available but still maintain a clean look.

We are so grateful to follow Taylor throughout her evolving career. She is one of our favorite humans on Earth and watching her move mountains is truly a privilege. She remains a regular client today for a la carte website work, strategy questions, and anything else on her mind and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

POLICY OUT LOUD: branding + LOGO DESIGN, website design