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Leslie Pettibone


Leslie Pettibone is a Real Estate pro serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a passion for helping others achieve their real estate goals. Combining professionalism, leadership, and complex task management with her desire to evolve her real estate business through innovation, she delivers a truly unique client experience.

Leslie came to us by way of a shared real estate contact. She was switching brokerages and shifting her goals, so she needed a strong, personalized brand to to carry forward, as well as social media management and lifestyle/content photography to get a solid start on Facebook and Instagram.

Branding an individual, like a real estate agent, is very different from branding a business. When branding an individual we want to capture both who they are and how they want to represent themselves. In Leslie’s case, she was drawn to both French country and mid-century modern designs, so we started playing with individual concepts for each. As we worked through the creative process, something wonderful happened. We were able to combine these two completely dissimilar styles to create a truly unique, eclectic, and beautiful brand that perfectly captured everything Leslie wanted to say about herself.

Once the branding process was complete, we set up and optimized Leslie’s Facebook and Instagram pages, performed a two-hour content photoshoot, and launched her social media efforts. During the three months of service we provided, Leslie’s new Facebook page experienced 527K% reach growth (not a typo) and her Instagram saw 5.4K% reach growth. Her Facebook page followers increased 100% and Instagram followers increased 82%.

Leslie ended up being such a rockstar that after three months she felt comfortable taking over her own social media management, and she is killing it! Whether we’re in a client’s life for the long haul or we just pop in when they need a boost, we are always so happy and proud to watch them grow and thrive in their businesses, and Leslie is a prime example of that.

leslie pettibone: branding + logo design, social media management, content photography