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taylor patrice: branding + website design

Taylor Patrice


Taylor Patrice is a lifestyle blogger who met our founder and CEO, Kaycee McCoy, through a milspouse entrepreneur Facebook group. At the time, Taylor had a very popular and successful blog where she wrote about all things coffee, but in a style that was somehow both lighthearted easy ready while also feeling very reflective and nuanced.

When Taylor came to us, she started with a consult with Kaycee. What they discussed is that Taylor was ready to take her blogging to the next level by creating a brand that was more personal to her and branching into deeper, heavier topics that felt more impactful.

We created a full brand identity for Taylor and built a website to match, and since our initial work, Taylor and her beautiful soul have become a part of the CC family of regular clients. We provide website updates and occasional consultations about strategy, graphics, and anything else on her mind, and we’re so happy to see her thriving with her new brand!

taylor patrice: branding + website design