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airow health & fitness: branding + logo design

Airow Health & Fitness


Airow Health + Fitness is a personal training business founded by Yvonne Copeland. Yvonne specializes in working with elite athletes and fitness competitors but wanted to grow her business, so she came to us after seeing our info in a Facebook group for military spouses.

Yvonne had already decided on her business name (a combination of her kids’ names), but she needed help with every other aspect of branding. Her former logo had been a very statuesque archer that she felt may be limiting the audiences attracted to her brand, so we set a goal of creating something that was slightly feminine but still capable of being androgynous, and that made people feel strength and power without intimidating them.

Over the course of a couple months, we worked with Yvonne to perfect a clean, modern, young, and simplistic logo style, as well as set her up with a color palette that strikes a balance between pretty and strong. We loved working with Yvonne to design a brand that could propel her business in new directions, and we can’t wait to see what all she does with it!

airow health & fitness: branding + logo design