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simple teen life: website design + product photography

Simple Teen Life


Simple Teen Life is a student-run business with a clear mission—to slow teen life down! STL creates and delivers monthly activity boxes to teens that are specifically designed to help them “disconnect to reconnect.” There are no screens, no homework, no schedules; they fill the sole purpose of allowing teens a chance to unwind and reconnect with themselves.

Founder Conni Rasmussen, a mom, public school teacher, and Oxford graduate, noticed a problem and decided to do something about it, launching Simple Teen Life in 2018 with a core staff of four teens. When she came to us, she was ready to revamp and enhance the existing STL website so they could grow their business. Our team got to work on product photography and building a new site with full ecommerce capabilities. Conni was involved all along the way, asking questions, learning how the site was going to work for their business, and being kept involved in the creative process because that’s something that was very important to her.

The new site has enabled STL to grow in so many ways. In Conni’s own words, “The shop not only increased our sales; it also increased our knowledge base in how to run a small business! We have so much more to learn, but boy have we already learned more than we ever thought possible once we started the ecommerce shop.” We are so happy for the entire STL team and we’re sure they’ll continue to kill it over the coming years!

simple teen life: website design + product photography