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luxe home + leisure: website design + website updates

Luxe Home + Leisure


Luxe Home + Leisure is a vacation rental company that specializes in home and activity rentals that combine luxury and comfort. Owned by serial entrepreneur Dave Ewell, they have several properties near Baltimore and Upstate New York, as well as boat rentals. Dave’s decades of landscape design enable him to find properties and completely renovate them to be high-end Airbnbs that provide guests with posh accommodations that are also extremely livable.

Luxe came to us through their Operations Manager, Shizuka Benton, who is a longtime friend of our founder and CEO, Kaycee McCoy. When Dave decided on this new venture, Shizuka knew we’d be a great fit. They already had their branding ready, so our job was to build a clean, fresh, modern, and engaging website from the ground up.

Our goal with Luxe’s site was to set Dave’s properties apart and show his high standards of quality and design. We created a site that’s clean and easy to navigate without feeling sterile or cold. We also integrated his Airbnb account so potential guests can view each property’s availability directly from the Luxe website, then easily click through to book on Airbnb. Since Luxe has boat rentals as well, we found a way to feature those so viewers can find all Luxe offerings in one place, rather than having to bounce around to multiple sites. Lastly, we crafted all of the copy on their site. When a business is brand new, copywriting can be a real joy, because we get to help create the brand’s voice. Our writers worked hard to evoke what the brand represents—comfortable luxury—and we had so much fun doing it.

Luxe today is a returning client for occasional website updates or a la carte work in other areas. In the past several years of work we’ve done, Luxe has been one of our absolute favorites. We got to demonstrate our full capabilities of ingenuity, style, and design that make an overall amazing user experience on the front end, as well as something the client can both be really proud of and know is a great setup for them and their business.

luxe home + leisure: website design + website updates