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sos solutions: website optimization + consulting + video

SOS Solutions


SOS Solutions is a financial solutions company owned by Stephanie Adams. Stephanie specializes in credit repair and can also help with a wide range of other financial concerns that prevent her clients from enjoying their lives to the fullest. She is widely known throughout Hampton Roads for her videos, in which she interviews experts in the real estate industry so she can educate prospective homebuyers on how to increase their credit scores so they can qualify to buy a home.

Stephanie first came to us after meeting our founder and CEO, Kaycee McCoy, at a BizConnect event years ago. She has been a returning client for many projects since then, but most recently we helped her with a disconnect between her Facebook ads and her website. After a quick audit of the two components, we realized that what Facebook users were seeing on her website might not be what they were expecting based on what the ads said, so we got to work on a full website facelift to more clearly define SOS Solutions’ purpose and offerings.

Not all clients need a full website redesign. In Stephanie’s case, we were able to use most of her existing content and simply elevate it. We adjusted layouts and design to make the site easy and efficient to navigate; refreshed all content to be more engaging and to comply with new industry guidelines; made branding cohesive site-wide; and added pops of color and new elements to enhance the user experience.

Other services have included video editing and loads of consulting. It was through those initial consultations many moons ago that Stephanie became convinced to start creating videos (thanks to Kaycee’s insistent guidance/nudging), and it’s those videos that have allowed Stephanie’s magnetic personality and funny, likeable way of discussing finances to shine through to all of Hampton Roads. We are absolutely convinced that Stephanie will continue to thrive and take SOS Solutions to all kinds of new heights!

sos solutions: website optimization + consulting + video