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rob principe: copywriting + graphic design + consultations

Rob Principe


Rob Principe is a realtor with a large organization. When he first came to us it was for help with graphic design, as he had several ideas but didn’t really know where to start or which direction to go. He met with C/C’s founder and CEO Kaycee McCoy to get advice on what would have the biggest impact starting out so he could make his limited budget produce the highest return.

We started with customization of Rob’s company-provided website so it reflected his style and personal brand, then we fully designed and wrote copy for a listing presentation that would put him head and shoulders above his competitors. Kaycee had seen the impact this type of collateral could have, and Rob trusted us to deliver.

Because of the success Rob achieved with those initial deliverables, he evolved into a returning client. We have since produced an ad that went in a basketball program and multiple graphic design projects, and we’ve done one-on-one consulting and social media management. We are always so thrilled when our work helps someone grow so much that they become a lasting part of the C/C family, and we look forward to working with Rob for many more years to come!

rob principe: copywriting + graphic design + consultations