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100th friyay recap
did you catch our 100th friyay?!

Not gonna lie friends, we had a BLAST hosting our first-ever live-streaming masterclass! Our team of Creatives dug into allll things Event Promotion, including what to do before, during, and after your event to make the most of it.

If you haven’t watched yet, now’s your chance! It’s a smidge longer than the 100 minutes planned—but hey, 100(ish)—so if you can’t grab popcorn and sit down for the whole thing, run it in the background and tune in when we catch your interest!


Looking for specific information? Use the time stamps below to find what you need!
introduction • overall event strategy (7:46) • Event Copy that Captivates (23:43)
Graphics that Grab Your Attention (35:00) • Using Video to Promote Events Before, During + After (44:43)
Evoke Emotion Using Animation and Increase Event Awareness with Giphy (1:01:02)
Using Your Podcast and Podcast Guesting to Promote Events (1:09:25) •  Stop the Scroll on Social (1:24:15)
Marketing Your Event with Your Website + Emails (1:41:41)

congrats to our prize winners!

Prize: gimbal/stabilizer
Winner: Loretto Dalmazzo w/ Edgar Cayce ARE
Prize: ring light
Winner: Martha Davenport w/ The de Witt Cottage
Prize: artwork from the sometimes gallery
Winner: Brianna Jackson w/ CHKD
Prize: $100 off a c/c Brand Identity Design, Website Design/Redesign (or refresh), or
Animated Explainer Video 
Winner: TIm Ritter w/ Family Fun Xperience (FFX)

100th FriYAY Recap