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how it works

Schedule Your Kickoff Meeting
Start by booking your 30-minute kickoff meeting with our Social Media Architect. This initial consultation allows us to understand your goals, challenges, and the scope of your social media presence.
Detailed Report Creation
Based on our findings, we compile a 20+ page Social Audit Report. This document details our discoveries, highlighting your strengths, areas for improvement, and comparing your performance with your competitors.
Wrap-Up Meeting and Action Plan Presentation
We conclude the process with a 30-minute wrap-up meeting where our Social Media Architect presents your audit report and recommended action plan. This session ensures you understand every aspect of our findings and next steps.
Comprehensive Social Media Analysis
Our team dives deep into your social media accounts, analyzing your content, engagement, branding, and audience interaction. We also conduct a competitive analysis to see how you stack up against similar organizations.
Customized Strategy Recommendations
Along with the report, you receive tailored content ideas, hashtag recommendations, and an action plan. These strategies are designed to enhance your social media performance and engagement.
your social media strategy
Unlock the Power of Data
Understand your audience's behavior, engagement rates, and how your content stacks up against competitors. Our detailed insights pave the way for informed, strategic decisions.
Elevate Your Content
From captivating posts to hashtag optimization, our bespoke recommendations ensure your content not only reaches but also engages your audience, driving visibility and interaction.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
Discover what works for your competitors and how you can differentiate your brand. We provide you with the knowledge to outperform competitors and capture the attention of your shared audience.
Turn Insights Into Action
From improving engagement to increasing followers, our step-by-step action plan is your roadmap to achieving measurable growth and success on social media.
Tailored to your unique needs, our audits span across all platforms where your business shines, ensuring a customized approach for maximum impact.
customized to fit your business
We believe that an effective social media strategy should be accessible to all, which is why our pricing is straightforward and transparent, designed to cater to a range of needs and budgets.
1 Platform
30-Minute Project Kickoff Meeting
Simplified Report with Generalized Recommendations
Basic Action Plan
 30-Minute Report Presentation/Wrap Up Meeting
2-3 Platforms
45-Minute Project Kickoff Meeting
Detailed Report with Platform-Specific Strategies
Detailed Action Plan with Strategic Action Items
2 Branded Content Examples
Branded Highlight Bubbles OR Branded Cover Image
45-Minute Report Presentation/Project Wrap-Up Meeting
15-Minute Follow-Up w/in 1 Month of Project Completion
Access to Social Media Strategy eCourse
4-6 Platforms
1-Hour Project Kickoff Meeting
Fully Customized Report with Detailed Strategies and Recommendations
Comprehensive Action Plan w/Templates & Resources
Branded Canva Templates
Branded Highlight Bubbles
Branded Cover Image
1-Hour Report Presentation/Project Wrap-Up Meeting
Two 30-Minute Follow-Up Meetings
Access to Social Media Strategy eCourse
Access to Monthly eCourse Q&A Live Streaming Session
Optional Add-Ons
1-Hour Content Planning Session $115
1-Hour Canva Training $115
Your social media potential is limitless.
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