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social media setup + optimization

Social media marketing is about much more than just posting once in a while, and while it’s not the most glamourous aspect, one of the most important things you need to do first is correctly configure and optimize the multitude of settings available on each platform. On some, like Facebook, there are 30+ settings to adjust, and each one needs attention.

If you set up your social channels in 10 minutes or less, chances are you have room for improvement. Let our Creatives dazzle you with their expertise, and leave you with fully optimized, highly functional social media setups that are sure to promote your business as effectively as possible.

design + user experience

These choices need to reflect your business type as well as your audience, so they’re seeing things that aren’t incongruent with your company or branding:

  • Image/video sizing for headers and profile
  • Informational content
  • Integration of all social media platforms with one another
  • Buttons/CTA’s
it’s all in the details

There are several components to the back end of each platform. Some examples of adjustments that can (and should) be made are:

  • Publishing + Targeting Settings
  • Templates + Menus
  • Mobile optimization
  • About + Categories