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motion graphics

Motion graphics are one of the (relatively) newer trends in marketing, which is why now is the perfect time to get on board. Any time there’s a new technique or technology introduced it can feel a little overwhelming, but our team of Creatives is here to help you create the perfect graphics to help elevate your business and stay relevant. Whether you’re ready to get started on Giphy or you’d like to elevate your content with storytelling animations, we can make it happen!

what’s a gif?

Gifs (pronounced gif or jif*, however you say it, we can do it!) are the little moving pictures you see on Instagram and Facebook stories, and Giphy is where those gifs come from. Gifs provide an interactive and engaging way to add a little pizazz to your Instagram marketing—and they’re so much fun! We have had clients get half a million views on their branded gifs, which means incredible awareness for your brand.

*Fun fact: There’s a heated debate about this in the marketing world! Learn more about the pronunciation altercation here.
get started on giphy

With our Get Started on Giphy Brand Channel Starter Package*, we get you fully set up on Giphy. Our Creatives will create your brand channel, design six branded gifs, submit and optimize your profile, and provide hashtags and keywords to accompany your new gifs. What that means is that when you go to post a story on Instagram, you will now be able to search for and use your branded, customized gifs, and so will all of your clients!

*To use Giphy clients must have their own website and an email address that matches that website.
storytelling animations

Animation can add tons of personality to your online presence, and there’s really no limit to the types of information we can animate. Some popular options include:

  • Your brand’s story
  • What you do as a company
  • Your services
  • Explanations of new services or offerings
  • Discounts or promotions
  • How-to’s

Even the driest information can be made captivating when you utilize the power of visual storytelling!