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opulence group: branding + logo design

Opulence Group


Opulence Group is a boutique public relations firm in Virginia that helps businesses with all of their media needs. We met owner Melinda Gainer through a long-time friend of C/C founder and CEO Kaycee McCoy, and we loved her vibe right away. She arrived at our first meeting with a very clear vision of what she wanted for not just one, but two companies (see Venue Snobs for the other), but she needed help executing it all. We set up a multiple touch-point situation where there was lots of interaction between client and designer (something we can customize for every client!), and then we got to work!

In a world where so much is wanted right now, there is something truly special about being given time and space to just create. When a client is willing to trust us and give us two to three months instead of two to three weeks, we can make sure you walk away with something you are absolutely ecstatic about. We produced Opulence Group’s logo, color palette, and full branding guide, and we were thrilled to see the joy on Melinda’s face at her project wrap-up. We can’t wait to watch her conquer the PR world with her new brand!

opulence group: branding + logo design