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website maintenance + updates

Websites aren’t just something to be built and left sitting. In order to keep your site running smoothly and staying relevant in searches, it’s important to perform regular maintenance, content refreshes, and updates. Our Creatives know all the ins and outs of keeping a website fresh and ready, so whether you need menu items added, plugins installed, or simply someone to keep an eye on things to make sure nothing breaks, we’ve got you covered!

update without fear

On WordPress especially, there are several components that require regular updates: the WP core, your theme, and all plugins. The fun part? If one of those updates isn’t compatible with another existing element, the entire site could crash. That’s why our Creatives are extremely well-versed in understanding what your system is ready for and what it’s not, so you don’t have to stress about it!

you can have it all

There are basic things that all WordPress sites should have. Do you have a backup system? Do you have Google Analytics in place? Have you set up Facebook Pixel? If you don’t know the answers—or even more so if you don’t know what some of those things are—then now is the perfect time to have our experts get your site on the right track.

set it and forget it

Don’t want to worry about little fees here and there? Check out our maintenance package! Starting as low as two hours a month, this is a recurring service that enables you to take care of any little odds and ends that come up during the month (so long as they fit in your allotted time). Just send us your list and we’ll take care of it, leaving you with more time to run your business.

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